Safety Bangladesh
Safety Approach

Founder: Soichiro Honda

Commitment of Soichiro Honda : "Respect for Human Life"

Respect for human life means that all vehicles on the road will be sympathetic and respectful to each other and to pedestrians using the road.

Co-Founder:Takeo Fujisawa

Commitment of Takeo Fujisawa: "Proactive Safety"

Proactive Safety means “Safe and effective measures work to ensure your safety”.
For example: To prevent the risk of drowning, you should teach your child how to swim. "

Honda, not only produces and sells products but also ensures the safety of human life. So, Honda is working on the safety of human life, based on the promising of the founder.

Safety, the Honda way

Some people may think, “Doing nothing is the safest choice.” But the safety Honda is pursuing is the “safety which enables people to spread their wings.” In order to realize a collision-free society where everyone can follow their curiosity and go anywhere freely with total peace of mind, Honda is pursuing safety in view of three components of safety-human ability, mobility performance and the traffic ecosystem.



To prevent collisions, it is important to enhance people’s abilities, including mental abilities, such as driving skills, cognitive and decision-making abilities and showing compassion toward others. Bangladesh Honda private limited primarily focused on Human Ability



To protect people against collisions and support them in avoiding collisions, Honda believes it is important to develop safety technologies based on a thorough study of human beings.



The traffic environment changes from moment to moment due to both social factors such as traffic congestion and collisions and natural factors such as heavy rain and freezing road conditions, which could occur suddenly. To prevent collisions, it is necessary to understand that diverse elements make up the ever-changing traffic environment, such as roads, telecommunication infrastructure, automobiles and pedestrians, and their relationship in a dynamic traffic ecosystem to enable each element to connect organically. To contribute to the healthy functioning of the traffic ecosystem, Honda will maintain an open attitude and be proactive in technological development as well as other areas including cooperation with various countries and regions and collaboration with other companies.