Honda Foundation

“I reached where I am now just through technology. If we really can solve problems with technology, then I definitely want to be of some use."

Honda Foundation was established in December 1977 by donations from the founder of Honda Motor Company, Soichiro Honda, and his younger brother, Benjiro.

Vision & Mission

Require a completely new approach in the search for a resolution

Harmonize human activities with the natural environment Develop science and technology in harmony with human environment Science and technology for the welfare of human beings

The Honda Foundation aims to help address a wide range of issues caused by rapid technological advancement. The objective of the foundation is to create a humane civilization for present and future generations.


Honda Foundation

Bringing technology to center stage in recognition of knowledge.

Providing a Global Stage

Creating unlimited possibilities for next generation

Y-E-S Award


Support the development and promotion of young leaders to spearhead the growth of these countries in the future.
The program is aimed at the balanced and sound advancement of industry and of science and technology in all of these Southeast Asian countries.


  • Started in Vietnam in 2006,

  • Then in India in 2007

  • Then in Laos and Cambodia in 2008,

  • Then in Myanmar in 2014

  • Then in Bangladesh in 2019

Y-E-S Award in Bangladesh



COLLABORATING PARTNERS 4 Engineering University






To provide opportunities and financial aid to young Bangladeshi researchers and engineers, to encourage specialized study in eco-technology as well as provide an opportunity to acquire higher professional education in Japan.

Y-E-S Award in Bangladesh

STAGE 1 – Y-E-S Award


To recognize / award meritorious students in field of Science & Technology (including eco-technology)

Amount from HOF US$ 3,000 / awardee
Eligibility Undergraduate (6th / 7th / 8th Semester) students only.

CGPA 3.25 or above in each semester (up to 5th Semester)
STAGE 2 – Y-E-S Award Plus


To support higher education of Y-E-S awardees in Japan

Amount US$ 7,000 for internship (more than 10 weeks) in Japan + US$ 3,000 preparation fees for further study in Japan
US$ 10,000 for PG* / Ph. D studies in Japan (more than 1 year)
Eligibility All Stage 1 winners

N.B.: This award can be received only 1 time.

HONDA Y-E-S Award in Bangladesh

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  • Application is applicable for only collaborating 4 engineering Universities
  • If there is any questions/query, please contact to the concern person of each Universities
  • Hand writing is not applicable.