Bangladesh Honda contributes to the society

Press Release
No.: 15 - PR/BHL/2017
Dhaka, August 16, 2017

Subject: Bangladesh Honda contributes to the society. 

Bangladesh Honda Private Limited (BHL) is very young, only four years we are doing operation in Bangladesh, we always try to contribute to the local society through employing the local people, engaging the various vendors and so on with our philosophy of being a Company that society wants to exist;

However recently BHL has noticed that due to heavy rainfall the condition of “Mawna to Bormi road” becomes very vulnerable and literally unusable indeed.  It is very difficult & hazardous to move on the road. The renovation work was inaugurated in the Ujilab area of Sreepur at 12:30 noon on 14.08.2017.

By realizing this situation, Honda is contributing to repair the road to make life easy for the local people. Hope, local people will be benefitted from this small contribution of Bangladesh Honda and in future we would like to continue our contribution to the society.

Road Name: Mawna - Barmi Road
Length of Road repaired: 4 kilometers (up to Uzilab)  Type of renovation: Repairing.

Thanking You

Youichiro Ishii
Managing Director & CEO