Toni Bou Wins 14th Consecutive FIM Trial World Championship Title

Toni Bou Wins 14th Consecutive FIM Trial World Championship Title


October 12, 2020 - Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) contract rider and Honda factory team*1 “Repsol Honda Team” rider Toni Bou has won the 2020 FIM*2 Trial World Championship TrialGP in the final round, the Italian Grand Prix on October 10-11, his 14th consecutive championship title.


This year’s TrialGP season began in September, delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and was contended over a total of eight races, shortened to four rounds with two races each. Bou was 1st / 3rd in the season-opening French GP, won both races in Round 2 in Spain, and in the penultimate round, came in winner / 2nd. With a 10 point lead over his closest rival, Bou won both races in the final round, securing him an unprecedented 14th consecutive title.


Since 2007 when Bou won his first world championship on the Montesa COTA 4RT factory bike, he not only continued to dominate the series with 14 consecutive titles, but has also secured his 14th consecutive title indoors on man-made courses by winning the 2020 X-Trial World Championship.


*1 Factory team: Racing team managed by the bike manufacturer. For Honda, Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) manages its factory teams.

*2 FIM: Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme



â– Toni Bou

I really didn't expect to win the championship on the first day. It was a very tight trial, like all the others this year, so it was very easy to drop from first to seventh, so I could not afford to fail. I am super happy with this title, and even more so this year, which has been so strange with many training sessions and few trials. We have won both titles, indoor and outdoor, which I am very happy about. Now it’s time to enjoy and celebrate.



â– Yoshishige Nomura | Honda Racing Corporation President

“First, I would like to offer praise to Toni Bou who has rewritten his own record by winning his 14th world championship. I have heard that in addition to the pressure of defending his title, he was in unchartered waters physically and mentally as the shortened season due to COVID-19 presented extremely tough and severe challenges. The championship title gained by overcoming such circumstances has even more meaning than previous years, and I have the utmost respect for Bou, who continues his unprecedented record-setting journey. I would also like to thank the dedicated team, and our many sponsors and Trials fans worldwide who support our racing activities.”


â– Toni Bou


Birth Date:

October 17, 1986





Career Highlights:

2003      Trial World Championship debut

2007      Joins Repsol Montesa HRC,

Wins his first Trial World Championship and X-Trial World Championship

2008 - 2020       Trial World Champion & X-Trial World Champion



â– Montesa COTA 4RT Overview



Liquid-cooled 4-stroke single-cylinder engine



Aluminum twin-tube



21-inch (front) 18-inch (rear)



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