Bangladesh Honda Private Limited Introduced Genuine Engine oil brand “Pro Honda” with two new lineup of Engine oil

Bangladesh Honda Private Limited Introduced Genuine Engine oil brand

“Pro Honda” with two new lineup of Engine oil


[Dhaka, 26 July 2023] – Honda is renowned as world’s number one motorcycle manufacturer. Honda’s vision is to create a society where people enjoy the freedom of mobility while minimizing environmental impact. To achieve a carbon-free society, Honda strives to develop advanced technologies and products that reduce emissions, improve fuel efficiency, and utilize renewable energy sources.


Bangladesh Honda Private Limited introduced two new lineup of Pro Honda Engine Oil in the vibrant market of Bangladesh. This strategic expansion aims to cater to the growing demands of high performing engine oil and riders who seek top-notch engine protection and enhanced performance for their Honda motorcycles.


New lineup of Pro Honda Engine Oil is designed for performance and longer engine life of Honda motorcycles. Its advance technology provides low viscosity and anti-rust property. It has better cleaning performance and oxidation protection. For every customer and engine of Honda, this product is developed by Honda R&D to maximize performance.


In addition to the commitment to superior product quality, new lineup of Pro Honda Engine Oil places a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability. All Pro Honda engine oils are formulated with eco-friendly additives that minimize the environmental impact, ensuring both optimal performance and a reduced carbon footprint.


Key features and benefits of Pro Honda Engine Oil:

Exceptional Engine Protection: Pro Honda Engine Oil is fortified with advanced additives that provide an additional layer of protection against wear and tear, reducing friction, and extending engine life.


Superior Thermal Stability: Designed to withstand high-temperature environments, Pro Honda Engine Oil remains stable even under intense operating conditions, preventing oil breakdown and maintaining engine cleanliness.


Optimal Fuel Efficiency: With low viscosity formulation, Pro Honda Engine Oil ensures reduced internal friction, resulting in improved fuel efficiency, and contributing to a greener environment.


Smooth and Consistent Performance: Honda motorcycle riders can expect a smoother and more enjoyable riding experience because of Pro Honda's dedication to precision engineering.


Compatibility: Pro Honda Engine Oil is formulated to meet the requirements of a wide range of motorcycle models, including both commuter bikes and high-performance motorcycles, making it a versatile option for every rider.


New Pro Honda Engine oil is now available at all Honda Exclusive Authorized Dealers in Bangladesh. Customer can experience the superior engine protection and performance of New Pro Honda Engine Oil. For more information on the New Pro Honda Engine Oil, please visit (, or (




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Shigeru Matsuzaki

Managing Director & CEO

Bangladesh Honda Private Limited